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"Refreshing your mind and body" Healing food and hot water

Kusatsu an altitude of 1,200m, what kind of food do you offer here?
The blessing of the hot Kusatsu Onsen, which boasts a natural discharge of over 32,300 liters per minute.
Kusatsu Town and Tsumagoi Village, which are suitable for growing highland vegetables,
Foot of Mt Akagi of Mt. Akagi, where dairy and livestock are thriving, Foot of Mt Haruna Mt. Haruna ... Mt Shirane, Shinshu is near.
Gunma has no sea, but the blessings of the sea can be delivered directly from the fishing ports of Hakodate, Sanriku, and Awaji Island
Have a dinner to experience the seasons in this area with abundant food blessings
I wanted to offer it as a French restaurant at Cedar Lodge with Western and Japanese nuances.
Meals are an important element that creates a luxurious time.
Enjoy a full-course dinner of the chef, who will be the protagonist of your stay, with a marriage of pairing wines.
Please absorb seasonal ingredients and Kusatsu no-Yu into your body and experience the refreshment of your mind and body.

French dinner with seasonal ingredients as the main ingredient

Akagi Wagyu Beef Akagi Homebred Chicken Gunma Onsen Pork Ginhikari Plateau Vegetables Wild plants Natural mushrooms ...
We offer a full-course meal of French cuisine with the chef's unique sensibility centered on these Gunma prefecture special ingredients.
Customers Kusatsu, feel the seasonal breeze, and heal their minds and bodies at the hot springs.
-Refresh with draft beer or tea time after the bath-Dinner time when the garden lights up after moving to the magic hour outside the window.
Please experience this extreme routine.
  • Dinner

    Dinner is French cuisine with seasonal ingredients arranged.
    A French cuisine that blends Japanese and Western nuances.
    Please enjoy the menu that incorporates abundant local morning vegetables and seafood directly from the production area.
    • French full course dinner(May)

      First hors d'oeuvre

      Awaji Island Octopus Terrine Paprika Mousse with Kasumi Red Snow Crab and Sea Urchin

      Second hors d'oeuvre

      Gunma Onsen Pork Loin Grille Aizu Asparagus Dry-cured Ham Powder


      New onion potage Kettle-baked shirasu pizza

      Seafood Dish

      Tokushima red sea bream poiré, spring beans fregola, semi-dried tomatoes

      Meat Dish

      Aged Akagi Wagyu Loin Roast Beef Wasabi gravy New Potato Galette and Mushrooms


      Canelé Bordeaux Monaka Ice Cream “Figs” Azuma Strawberry Jelly


      *The menu contents may change depending on the purchase situation.      
      Period available:
      Start all at once from 18:30
  • Breakfast

    Breakfast is prepared by the chef's Japanese cuisine.
    This makes me feel relieved for some reason・ ・ ・..
    Cedar Lodge will surely be the main character during your stay.
    • Allergy correspondence, correspondence of weak ingredients


      Allergy correspondence, weak ingredients will be supported as much as possible(Advance notice required)                                    Examples of cases where we cannot respond:Please understand that we cannot accommodate any meat dishes in general or seafood in general due to course menu.
  • wine cellar

    The wine cellar is always stocked with dozens of domestic and international wines, mainly natural wines.
    You can choose to relax before dinner.
    We also have a variety of glass wines.
    We use wine glasses Made by RIEDEL, a long-established wine glass company with a history of over 265 years.